Some suggestions for a better experience of global players

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Some suggestions for a better experience of global players

Mensagempor sennninn » 13/Fev/2020, 00:01

Hello there!I'm sorry I cannot speak Portuguese. So I could only use English.

I'm a player from Japan where is the birthplace of saint seiya. It's a pity that there are no PC games about saint seiya althought It was born here.When I got the message that there is a PC game about saint seiya in Brazil from my chinese friend,I joined here immediately. Now I'm playing in Atlas which is called the globe server. Due to the difference between Japan and Brazil,I have met some troubles those other players outside Brazil also met especailly asian players.So I want to give some suggestions to you for a better experience of global players.

The first one is about using the web market and charging. We,players outside Brazil,donot have Brazil's telephone number,CPF,RG and CEP. So that, we cannot complete our account's information. And It means we cannot use the web market or charge.Would you like to find a method that can make players from other countries be able to consume in your server?

The second one is about the jet lag. We all know that some activities only enabled in specific time like 12:00-14:00 in Brazil which is 1:00-3:00 am in Japan and 0:00-2:00 am in China when almost people have to come to rest.This means that we have to choose to stay up late or give up.Actually,almost of us have our own lives or jobs to do during our daytime.So we can only give up those activities. I had played one game called AuraKingdom whose server is in Europe.In this game, it also has a lot of specific time activities.What they have done is add the enabled time peroid which is suitable towards players from other continents.So,would you like to do the same thing that can let us be able to join in those activities?

I will be appreciate if I can receive your response.Thank you!

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Re: Some suggestions for a better experience of global players

Mensagempor drknss » 17/Fev/2020, 20:35

Acho muito justo receber atenção e uma resposta de alguém da equipe do CDZ, esse tipo de problema limita muito alguns players de fazerem qualquer coisa no jogo.

Boa sorte.

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